Welcome Everyone!

Hello and welcome to The Daddy Adjustment blog.  I am so pleased that you chose to visit and read my thoughts and experiences of becoming a new father.  Please follow along and read about what to expect when beginning the quest of becoming pregnant to having a baby and through the first year.

It is my intension that readers of this blog find it educational, humorous, and easy to relate to.  We will be exploring a variety of topics that confront today’s modern-day Stay at Home Dad and all that changes in a man’s life when he becomes a father. 

People told me everything changes.  I thought I knew what that ment…WRONG.  I had no real concept.  Hopefully, when you read this will learn from my mistakes and self-realization on what a blissfully selfish existence I had until a couple of months ago.  At this moment that is all gone.

In addition to my new Daddy experiences I will be posting recipes, cooking video’s, and ideas on how to raise a natural, confident, well cared for, and healthy family.  All without loosing your mind and who you are as a man.  Let’s have fun laughing at life and not take it to seriously.  Enjoy and check back often.  

I encourage your comments and contributions!!  May the force be with you…

About daddyadjustment

I am the worlds leading expert on myself.

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  1. Great idea to share your realtime experience with others. Keep the information coming.

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