How I learned to cook

My wife of 9 years finally became pregnant this year.  I had been laid off and needed to find ways to contribute and try to take stress away from her.  I needed to learn how to cook.  I quickly learned that cooking food that you will be proud to serve your family isn’t really that much harder than preparing crap laced junk that many would consider home cooked.  Also it costs WAY less money to make food from base ingredients. I have to admit I found a lot of control and pride in cooking for my wife and my growing unborn baby.  When you’re looking for work and have not found anything that even comes close to what you are used to making, it can try your pride.  So when I began to realize that by preparing healthy and good tasting meals every night it took away that stress for her and me.   She just walked in and smelt something good cooking she could just go change clothes and relax.  I totally feel like a house wife every time she smiles and says “honey this is really good”.  After dinner is finished you have to clean it all up… like it never happened.  This is an important key to the success of the adjustment.  I can’t stress enough the value of these acts.  Remember she is working and growing your baby. 

I found cooking easy and here is how:  I found this little recipe magazine Everyday Food.  It is by Martha Stuart and has a lot of easy to follow ideas on meals.  Think of a recipe as a guideline and you can make your own additions or changes.  Also I have been really bitten by the Cooking Network- Food Channel bug.  There are a lot of really good shows that straight up taught me how to cook.  Gabriele Corcos and Debi Mazar from Extra Virgin is by far my favorite show.  His recipes’ always turn out awesome. And again, I have begun to make some additions of my own really perfecting my signature flavor here at home. Set your DVR and watch, try a couple of episodes…you will be pleased.

I also enjoy Secrets of a Restaurant chef with Anne Burrell.  She is super cool and when I watch her show I feel like she is not afraid to roll her sleeves up and make some excellent food.  Another great TV Chef is Alton Brown.  His show Good Eats is an excellent source for an understanding on how food works.  I learn tons from Alton for sure.

I wanted to be straight about my cooking experiences.  I am NOT a chef; however I am going to try to play one on the internet.  I am a product of cooking show chefs and my grandmother’s recipes’.  I have made them all my own and I will share them with you… so you can do the same.  In no time at all your wife or girlfriend will be bragging to her friends at work on what a gourmet cook you have become.

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I am the worlds leading expert on myself.

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  1. Great simplicity of your introduction to “daddy adjustment”…..looking forward to the tremondous growth of your blog..Nona

  2. Learning to roast is truely an obsession as well as fabulous manner to take joy in way of life. Cooking is producing. Great to connect with a fellow cook, chef and food items fan.

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