To Baby on Board or not to..That is my question

For years I made fun of these” baby on board” signs.  As far as I was concerned they were pretty lame. Worst of all the people who had these ridiculous things hanging on their cars drove like they were 90 plus years old. Frankly put they annoyed me.

 Now I am the one driving as if I was transporting plutonium. Having my daughter along for a ride, I’m on high alert. “Don’t people understand I have a baby in the car”! Wait a minute …Do I need one of those informative “baby on Board” signs?

So this is my dilemma. Please help me deiced whether to have a baby sign or not to have a baby sign on our car. When you see one on a car do you change how you are driving? Does it even matter at all? I am very interested to know. Please post your feedback or comments and I will let you all decide if I hang one of these things up or not. I promise a pic of the final deal not matter how it turns out! Have fun!

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  1. Why not have the sign? If you think it might make people more careful with their driving it can do no harm. Might make you feel more comfortable driving with the baby on board. And I’m sure you have enough sense of humor to be able to laugh about your own sign 😀

  2. Thank you sooo much for your encourgment and comment! Thats one for the sign, and I admit I want to laugh at myslef:);

  3. Don’t! People might mistake it for the ‘ fan on board’. You wouldn’t want that!

  4. it is a very good question..don’t think drivers need anything else to distract them…bad enough when you catch yourself reading bumper stickers…and not pay attention to the matter at hand…like the steering wheel…

  5. I vote no for the baby on board sign. I’ve always thought the same thing about those little yellow signs. We have yet to get one for our car, but it has crossed my mind.

    I usually see the opposite kind of driving though. People whizzing by, going waaay over the speed limit… only to see that yellow diamond and the handle of a car seat sticking up.

    If the Baby on Board-ers aren’t changing their driving style to accommodate their bundle; why should I?

    • Thank you for your input! The No’s are deffinetly gaining here! wich is good because I really dont wnt one. hehe BUt at promised the blog readers will decide my cool cars fate.

  6. Maybe it makes drivers better or worse. I don’t know… I’ve always considered it a testimony to the driver’s over-enthusiasm for being a parent. Myself, I’m a no to the sign, but if it works for you then go for it. Just don’t block your visibility by putting it over valuable window space.

    • Thank You very much for youe honesty I think your obsevation about over enthusiam as a parent is dead on. OK gang thats another NO sign. Things are getting tilted in that direction! Thanks to all who are participating!!!!

  7. Samonnier nailed it. When I became a parent I had to make a huge adjustment to my driving style with a bundle of joy in the car. I could of used a BoB sign on my own dashboard so I could remind myself to not drive like a maniac.

    Be safe out there !!!

  8. Yes to the sign. Makes me want to get one!

    • Oh boy, here is one for the sign. I was ready today to call for NO sign. But now I think I will let it run a day or so longer before the official tally. Thanks for playing!

      • Maybe you could let the wifey make the deciding vote!

      • She is the decider on all!… But this one , you guys are in charge. It is looking pretty bad for a sign though. Lots of No’s. Wierd thing is now that I have been thinking about this and blogging about it. Do I think I want one ?! If so I want a Pirate Dad on Board sign in Black with a Jolly Roger right next to it. Arhh Pirate dads arrh cool! As always LOVE your comments! A+

      • I discovered this post way too late so I understand!! Oh a pirate dad? Have you been to that new pirate restaurant? It’s very kid friendly and also looks like a fun night out for you and the wife. Food was different. I had the cannon balls (crab cakes). They make all their own sauces!! Yum! Tell the wife that my daughter demolished her whole plate of “nuggies” and she loved them!!! Love your blog! I’m hooked!!!

      • OMG are talking about captain Jimmey’s? That place looks so awsome! Youre a full sail scallyauger ARHH!! Nuggies!

      • Yes! I thought it couldve been more decked out in pirate and ships. The servers are really cute in all of their different uniforms. The dessert we got was delicious. Salad was ok. Drinks looked good! They treated my kids like gold.

      • I smell a really nice Yelp review coming.

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