Canning the colors of summer

While holding my daughter yesterday we were looking out the window when we saw a wonderful red cardinal in our back yard.  His bright red color and sharp black markings cut an almost high definition scene against the pure white, glitter snow beneath him. It’s March here in New England and it is the first time we have had snow in our yard all year or at least since the 14 inches in October that nocked our whole area dark for over a week.  Super fun by the way with a 7 month pregnant wife.  

Watching the cardinal, it made my mind drift to summer and all the colors that go along with some of my favorite activities. Growing, canning and eating food, delicious fresh food, like the cardinal we humans need the real thing too. Watching him forage for something to eat it had me remember simple fresh ingredients make the BEST food.  That’s my cardinal rule.  

So it’s March with snow on the ground Daddy A.  What Gives?  I tell ya what gives…Canning it gives all year long my friend. One long day or so in the summer will result in the best tasting food all winter long.  Want to smash your carbon footprint to pieces? Try canning; just imagine the resources it takes to bring that can of imported tomatoes from Italy to your table.  The fruit from the sun of your back yard or local farmers market will be better I guaranty it.  You will want to start with a bushel or maybe just a half to get your feet wet, and cans too.  Tomatoes, apples, can be done with a simple hot water bath.  Anything else you will want to invest in a pressure canner.  I have a great one I got at ACE for under $100.  It will allow you to do other foods that require more pressure and time. 

The smell that envelopes your home when you crack one of these cans in the dead of winter is like pure summer sun.  We can a bushel of sweet corn every year and when we make our corn chowder it pops with that summers’ sweet corn flavor. Nice!

 There are no real preservatives associated with canning.   It is just water and a little salt, or lemon juice. That’s it.  As far as healthy eating goes, and saving money over all on excellent food.   I haven’t found a better way to nourish my family.  I also get to take pride in being a local hero supporting our local farms.  No Farms, No Food.  No Food?  Oh No!

So I think I am going to start planning out my garden, come up with a good plan for doing something more with all the other stuff I grow.  Hey what are you going to grow?  Why not think of canning this year?  Now is a great time to start.  I will do a follow up with some step by step, but until then feel free to ask any questions on the subject.  

The cardinal flew away looking for his mate with the bright beak, but not without leaving us with his little gifts…The cardinal rule.  Be grateful for what food lies at your feet! 

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  1. The only thing I consume out of a canning jar is a margarita.
    Please continue to inspire me to can food. Please…

  2. This latest post on your blog totally “ROCKS” your words flow with such ease and full of expression…with a passion for life and all the glorious food that awaits for everyone…Nona

  3. I agree with Nona. I can totally hear such expression in this one. inspiring! I need a burst of summer right about now.

    • Your praises are so welcomed! It means so much to me that anyone even reads these post. And to know that I have extremely supportive and awesome readers such as all of you. Its becoming so fun. 3 more days marks the D.A. One month Birthday! Your listening is truly a Gift. Thank you all…

  4. Love the article! Our yard is too shady to grow much but I do squeeze out some tomatoes and several different kinds of peppers for canned salsa. The farmer’s market is my partner during the summer. Jam, jelly, salsa, spaghetti sauce, tomato sauce, pickles, peppers, and beets. Sometimes I am able to can all of the above in a summer and sometimes not but I try to carry on my nana’s traditions the best I can. Look forward to your posts!

    • WONDERFUL Commnts Thank you!. It was my Nonnie who taght me the art of canning. Sounds like you enjoy this as much as us. Small hot pepper work well with shade or even in large pots. I have been doing some super hot scotch bonnettes Caribian peppers affter picking i have been dropping them in oil with a little herb of choice. Works prettey well fora shot of flavor. Thanks Again!

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