Words between friends

We are in this togetherPlease just hang in there and let me get this out to you.  Yeah you all know, I want to heal, through laughter.  Create and allow connections, pollinating that which we all we touch with a positive vibration.  Such that any other life form that comes in contact with our vibration will be able to sense there is something good “here” and have an attraction.  It would seem to be simple, but it has been my experience that these paramount values continue to be elusively attained in our ever so ME and MINE society. 

 Given this, I think it is only prudent that individuals, companies, and the like should pay us our fees of spreading good will. Think of it as a clean air credit, a credit a company buys to offset their pollution footprint.  We could call it?… perhaps a “But Munch Credit” or as Bill Mahr would put it a “douche bag credit”.  Anyway thanks for listening to that rant. 

I have been thinking about the lessons of allowing lately. Everything in our lives right now is not really trying as much as allowing.  When baby first learned to suck mommy’s milk, she for the first time had to allow that to all happen.  Our primal human first need.  Allow myself to nourish.  On the moms side, She is allowing her baby to do so as well. It’s a scary feeling this “allowing” It starts with a flutter in your chest from your very life force. That feeling of something exciting and strangely right.  That’s you telling yourself …allow it’s for you.  I see these emotions play though my Daughters’ eyes when I am feeding her.   Once calm humans can relax into the flow of life and let it provide all it needs.   But trusting in that fluttery feeling of chance and wonder is the scary but necessary porthole to the lesson of allowing.

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I am the worlds leading expert on myself.

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  1. What is the new thing you tried?? Congratulations on your feeling of accomplishment. Such a nice confidence boost it must be for you!!

  2. Ground control to Major Tom….Ziggy’s calling…do you read me?

  3. Ground control…this is Major Tom….do you read me?

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