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Watching “Up all night” and 5 AM

This photo was taken by my wife yesterday morning.  It is the first time I have posted a real pic of her.Given that she looks so darn cute here, I thought it was time to show you the little girl running my life now.  Which brings me to about 4 hours prior to this photo being captured, Sunday morning at 5:17AM. 

When will my baby know that it is Sunday?  “Sweetheart daddy’s love to sleep past 5:30 once a week” don’t you know this?  No she could care less.  Playing and having fun only to fall asleep again just about the time I finish the mornings coffee.  But when you wake up to this little girl, it’s easy really. 

Unless you spent your Saturday evening as we did watching all the episodes of Up all Night we have missed in the past month.  Again DVR’s rule for new parents.  See my story “hooray for my DVR”.  In fact how the heck did I watch TV before one.  Who has time for all those comercials anyway?  If you have never seen this show, and have recently become a parent watch this program.  Trust me you will laugh out loud!  My wife and I didn’t plan on staying up as late as we did. But beer and good times got the best of us.  By week’s end I find that I can really use a good laugh and this show never disappoints.  Just try to get to bed before 1 AM as 5 comes early on Sunday!

Prune juice & diaper review


Our daughter is going through her first experience of real constipation. For the last 3 of 6 days she has been very upset and in obvious pain.  2 nights ago we ended up in her Dr. office at 8PM sent home with a prescription of 1 Oz. of prune juice twice a day. Prune juice you say?  That’s the remedy for the Texas Chain Saw Massacre tummy screams ok.  We have only given her Mommies milk and formula to this point so the thought of her first real food experience being prune juice was less than thrilling for us. 

Will she go through life with an aversion to trying anything new?  Look I apologize if you love this stuff. I myself find it less than refreshing, and downright horrible.  Really when was the last time you heard anyone order a prune juice and vodka?  Or how about a nice prune juice ice cream cone on a steamy summer evening.  In fact unless your shopping at a store frequented by the over 70 crowd it’s kind of hard to find.  When you do find it, you realize it only comes in  a huge size, as if the makers know if they sold it in 12 oz bottles they would never sell it again to that consumer. 

What’s the deal with the prune juice rant?  It’s a nice leader into the next part of this story “diaper reviews”.  

Being that I am 40 years old and can’t remember the last time I crapped my own pants.  I didn’t feel like I had enough real life experience till now to comment.  Well there was that time in 6th grade when my Uncle Dave took me to our version to the state fair. The Big E. I rember going into the house of mirrors.  It was on a cool autumn evening that I made my own version of a wetness indicator in my new for school brown corduroy’s it is, hard to look cool and adult when the warmth of your own preteen urine has turned cold and raw.   Anyway I digress. 

We have tried to date.  Kirkland brand from Costco, the BJ’s equivalent, Huggies, and Pampers Swaddlers.  Here is my list from least to most favorite:

4. BJ’s

3. Kirkland

2. Huggies

1. Pampers Swaddlers* 

Image Detail

The BJ’s brand works adequately, but honestly our least favorite.  Kirkland does a better job.  However I have heard that they work best for babies with chunky legs, so they work well for our little girl.

A considerable step up is the Huggies brand.  They are more of a premium diaper and perform well even under the messiest of circumstances. You will however notice the price difference.  And then there are Pampers Swaddelers.  (que sunbeam breaking through clouds, and an audio of a heavenly sounding “AHHH”)  These by far are the best ones I have been able to find.  No wonder they give them away at hospitals.  Wasn’t there a commercial in the 80’s like that? “First give it to them for free, the ones that come back, start charging”. First off they have a wetness indicator that I lovingly refer to as the fruit stripe.  Second they have baby Sesame Street characters on the front. Not just to amuse mom and dad, but it helps tell the difference between the front and the back.. A quality that the BJ’s one did NOT have.  They are an excellent fit and haven’t let me down in the leak department.  In my experience they are the priciest of the bunch but well worth it. 

So if you told me back on that cool autumn evening at the fair.  One day I would be prying for a prune juice propelled poop. I would have wet my pants in anticipation.  Who knew the house of mirrors would end up being a looking glass into my future. 

Thanks for reading and as always “Have Fun!   


Restaurant inspired Asian chicken and spinach penne

I have been thinking of cute or catchy tittles for this recipe for days now…”Go either way pasta” No that’s sounds weird.  I know how about “two tastes that taste great together”? Wait I think that’s been used before.   “Surprise chicken spinach penne”?  Ok this is getting lame already.  Whatever you want to call this dish it is generally a crowd pleaser.  It was inspired by a local restaurant’s signature dish. Knowing the owner, it was, going to be a difficult recipe to get my hands on. So I improvised.  The recipe that follows is the result of that attempt. It is only my second attempt and i admit it really is a work in progress. That being said it came out pretty darn good both times.  

A few things I did wrong.   1. Don’t be a dork and marinate you’re chicken early so all the moister is drawn out.  2. Pay no mind to that thinly sliced procucitto, (photo only) it was a bad idea.  There was already going to be plenty of salt in this meal.

So if you’re feeling undecided about what kind of food you want to have for dinner, perhaps you could go either way Chinese or Italian.  Why not go both ways and meet in the middle with a fusion dish that is surprising fun to cook and even more fun to eat!


.One box penne

.One Lb. Chicken breast cut into peices. 

.One table spoon olive oil

.One box frozen spinach

.2 cloves garlic chopped or diced

.3 tablespoons of unsalted butter

.3 tablespoons flour

.2 cups half and half

. One cup grated pecorino cheese

. One cup teriyaki sauce

.1/4 cup of chicken stalk

Heat oil in skillet and cook chicken till brown, then add spinach and the ¼ cup of chicken stalk cook about 5 minute on medium and set aside. At the same time boil your pasta and drain set aside.

In a medium sauce pan melt butter and garlic over medium heat and add flour and whisk for up to 2 minutes.  Then slow whisk in the half & half and slowly bring to a boil constantly stirring.  It will get thick in about 5 minutes.  Now it’s time for the teriyaki sauce and the pecorino cheese to be whisked in.

Once smooth add all ingredients to the big pot.   Pasta, sauce, spinach, and cook together for a minute or until it’s all sticking together.   Serve garnished with a little fresh parsley.  Enjoy! And as always have Fun!!

Spring to summer in no time flat

 It’s April 22nd and it’s full on spring here in southern New England.  Frankly it might as well be summer.  Last week we had a week of 95 degrees plus.  Now everything in my yard is blooming.  We have lilacs that usually don’t bloom till the end of May in full bloom.  We have maple trees that have full dark green leaves.  To look at it you would swear it was mid-June on my street.   Come to think of it we have had the strangest weather in the months my wife was carrying our unborn baby.

 First was the crazy tornado that hit our area pretty hard on June 1st.  It completely devastated parts of our state.  Then there was the Hurricane, which admittedly was not that bad for us.  However our neighbor’s to the north were not as lucky.   The mountain mudslides turned roads and bridges to nothing but mere rubble.   Whole towns cut away from the rest of the world, forced to fend and care for themselves.

 Then we had an earthquake, an earthquake in New England!  We do have them from time to time but they are small.  My friend from LA laughed at me when I told him we had an earthquake.  It was a 5 on the scale and to him, that didn’t count.  I could understand it was more fun than scary.

 Then the storm that had the most impact on us the October surprise blizzard which knocked out power for us for a week. No gas, no heat, no fun with a pregnant wife.  Don’t worry, the Daddy to be moved quickly into action on day 2 had a generator with fuel running by night fall.  We were just fine.

 Which brings me back to these lilacs blooming without concern of date.  They seem ignorant to the fact they have been permanently scared by the storm. They grow with a bent over style that contains so much vigor I can hardly believe it.  I guess things change, and life moves on regardless of the circumstances.   We are all stronger than we think.  When you feel overwhelmed and it feels like” this moment will last forever”.  Just relax, as nature teaches us we just have to wait a little while.

Check out the truth


I did not realize that there was a word count restriction on my post. So I do apologize for yesterday’s multiple post attempts. I am sensitive to bothering people and sorry if you were one of those peps. 

Please do re read take 3, it is the first part of the story.  Then check out my latest post as it finishes the thing.  Thanks for “hanging in there”! 

My old friend we miss you.  Thanks for teaching me to never follow the rules.

The whole story part 2

Someone who I admire a great deal sent me a couple of insightful yet encouraging emails.

He shared how we have absolutely no idea what it must be like for a woman to carry our child for 9-10 months inside her, then be with 24-7, breastfeeding and taking care.  Than having to leave and go off to work.  A job that I should be doing.  He also said “it is difficult to understand, or estimate the power of the instinct of a man to provide for his family”.  To be a “ROCK”.  “Bro don’t worry I have never stopped”.  And that’s why I have been absent from this blog. I have been trying to keep this whole thing together with dumb looks, silly songs and pretty crumby dinners as of late. 

So when your wife borderline despises you for making her go off to work, just be that rock of love.

Truthfully this is not what I had planned out for myself during my 20’s and 30’s.  This has been a difficult time; frankly I haven’t felt all that funny or even good about myself.  In fact there isn’t much I wouldn’t do to change things for her.  I would pull every tooth out of my head with a pair of vice grips, using nothing but a 6 pack and 4 Advil’s as pain killer.  If I could trade places with her right now…  Ok that’s kind a funny because she is a white collar girl and I just had a vision of me with my freshly done oral surgery all dressed up in a suit in her office.

 So big picture we are doing fine, and a lot better than most.  No Fox News did not do a story, but if they did they would been 100%  right for a change.    We have so much to be grateful for.

Thanks to all for your support, and thanks to whoever put up that kitty poster in grade school.

You’re Friend

 The Daddy Adjustment

Take 3… part 1

Before starting this blog I had intended to create a space for individual expression and connectivity were encouraged.  A place to have fun journaling all the adventures and learning’s of the modern day stay at home dad.  “What a great way to have fun and connect with new people with like interest” I thought. Perhaps I could provide someone with a much needed laugh or giggle, and the feeling of “you’re not alone”.  That all sounds really nice right? 

 Well as some of you have noticed I have been absent from my blog resulting in being out of communication with all my loyal readers and followers.  In my experience the first part of connecting with others is showing up.  For this I apologize for my abrupt hiatus.   I – We have gone through another “adjustment” It is my intension to turn this latest difficult challenge into honest reporting in hopes that it offer solace to someone who may have, are now, or will be soon in the same position. 

I am 40 years old.  I don’t know if any of you remember that old poster of the kitty hanging from a string by his front paws in school and it read “Hang in there”.  The one I found here online wasn’t the one I remember but it gets the point across.  For the last three weeks I have been that kitty.  I can still picture that poster stuck on a cold cinderblock school blue wall.  That environment to me as a young man was extremely ridged and in my eyes at the time flirted with a certain level of institutionalism.  But yet that kitty poster was there.  I still recall it offering me comfort, that it wasn’t all brick walls and unbending rules.  There was compassion, encouragement, and support. 

 I feel like I have been a sham, and I don’t blame Fox News for the story. For once they got it right, I have been a fraud.  “Oh look at me the modern stay at home dad”.  Check out my halfcocked recipes and funny musings”. Enjoy my first hand count reviews of baby products, and please follow my links to my Daddy Adjustment Cooking Network reviews.  All while raising a happy healthy well feed family.

 The truth is, during this time my wife was still working only half days.  Three weeks ago, you guessed it.  She went back full time.   Let me just say I was unaware of what horror laid directly ahead of me. Witnessing my wife having to go back to work for the better part of 9 hours was miserable.  She was devastated.  I was not prepared for the level of devastation.  For the first week everyday started and ended with tears.  I am NOT one who enjoys when their wife is upset. If she’s not happy than neither am I. 

 Don’t get me wrong here I tried to rock it out Daddy style.  First day back to work she came home to stories of baby and I grocery shopping and one of her favorite’s on the table Chicken Piccata.  My wife was unaffected.  “Ok I thought” second day I will break out the real guns.  I made her Favorite meatballs and homemade sauce with angel hair pasta.  She couldn’t have been more congenial and heart broken.  All the homemade meat ball s and the world weren’t going to mend this wound.