Prune juice & diaper review


Our daughter is going through her first experience of real constipation. For the last 3 of 6 days she has been very upset and in obvious pain.  2 nights ago we ended up in her Dr. office at 8PM sent home with a prescription of 1 Oz. of prune juice twice a day. Prune juice you say?  That’s the remedy for the Texas Chain Saw Massacre tummy screams ok.  We have only given her Mommies milk and formula to this point so the thought of her first real food experience being prune juice was less than thrilling for us. 

Will she go through life with an aversion to trying anything new?  Look I apologize if you love this stuff. I myself find it less than refreshing, and downright horrible.  Really when was the last time you heard anyone order a prune juice and vodka?  Or how about a nice prune juice ice cream cone on a steamy summer evening.  In fact unless your shopping at a store frequented by the over 70 crowd it’s kind of hard to find.  When you do find it, you realize it only comes in  a huge size, as if the makers know if they sold it in 12 oz bottles they would never sell it again to that consumer. 

What’s the deal with the prune juice rant?  It’s a nice leader into the next part of this story “diaper reviews”.  

Being that I am 40 years old and can’t remember the last time I crapped my own pants.  I didn’t feel like I had enough real life experience till now to comment.  Well there was that time in 6th grade when my Uncle Dave took me to our version to the state fair. The Big E. I rember going into the house of mirrors.  It was on a cool autumn evening that I made my own version of a wetness indicator in my new for school brown corduroy’s it is, hard to look cool and adult when the warmth of your own preteen urine has turned cold and raw.   Anyway I digress. 

We have tried to date.  Kirkland brand from Costco, the BJ’s equivalent, Huggies, and Pampers Swaddlers.  Here is my list from least to most favorite:

4. BJ’s

3. Kirkland

2. Huggies

1. Pampers Swaddlers* 

Image Detail

The BJ’s brand works adequately, but honestly our least favorite.  Kirkland does a better job.  However I have heard that they work best for babies with chunky legs, so they work well for our little girl.

A considerable step up is the Huggies brand.  They are more of a premium diaper and perform well even under the messiest of circumstances. You will however notice the price difference.  And then there are Pampers Swaddelers.  (que sunbeam breaking through clouds, and an audio of a heavenly sounding “AHHH”)  These by far are the best ones I have been able to find.  No wonder they give them away at hospitals.  Wasn’t there a commercial in the 80’s like that? “First give it to them for free, the ones that come back, start charging”. First off they have a wetness indicator that I lovingly refer to as the fruit stripe.  Second they have baby Sesame Street characters on the front. Not just to amuse mom and dad, but it helps tell the difference between the front and the back.. A quality that the BJ’s one did NOT have.  They are an excellent fit and haven’t let me down in the leak department.  In my experience they are the priciest of the bunch but well worth it. 

So if you told me back on that cool autumn evening at the fair.  One day I would be prying for a prune juice propelled poop. I would have wet my pants in anticipation.  Who knew the house of mirrors would end up being a looking glass into my future. 

Thanks for reading and as always “Have Fun!   


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  1. LOL…We had our little boy about 2 weeks ago and are finding out the same. Pampers are at the top of our list followed by Huggies.

  2. LOL…We had our little boy about 2 weeks ago. We are finding out the same.

  3. My daughter and Son-in-law had their son 12 days ago. We are not familiar with the first two but between Huggies and Pampers, we all choose Pampers! My grandson (not all that familiar with baby boys) seem to be able to….uh…..well let’s just say the gathers on Huggies don’t seem to stay snug enough and we’ve all gotten showered! No such trouble with Pampers.

    • Congratulations agian! Hey I have a repurpose question for you. Do you know anything about the Similac containers and the plastic used? It says 2 and HDPE on the bottom. I was hoping they would be dish washer safe. Our plan was once washed to store rice and other non parishables. Any insight you may have would be great!

      • Type 2 plastic has a low rate of leaching so it is good for recycling as well as storing food. While one of my majors in college was Science, I’m not a Subject Matter Expert on plastic so it’s just my opinion but you can bet we’ll be reusing our little Prince Andrew’s Similac containers. I don’t know about using the dishwasher though……..It’s the heat drying I’m afraid would warp it. If you don’t do that – then I would wash on top shelf just like a glass or cup. I plan on using scrapbooking papers (looks like pages of wall paper at the craft store) to cover. If you still aren’t sure, cover the inside with foil and tape the outside of the foil to the inside of the container and it should hold just fine!

      • Thanks for the quick reply! I knew you were the right person to ask. Good tip on the dishwasher. I will do them by hand then. I was planning on duck taping the cover shut. Kind of crude though. “give use to which that has been cast aside” its fun.

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