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Working Family Subsidies

What has happened with everything we buy?  Have you noticed that everything has gotten smaller by about a third?  I first noticed this trend occurring about a year or so.  I have a little Pringle itch now and again and noticed one day they were on sale for a $1.10 which was a good deal as they usually ran a good 60-80 cents higher.  That was until I got home and put it next to the can I had bought a week earlier, “damn Pringle itch”.  Much to my dismay the new one was 30 % smaller and after running the math I actually paid more on sale per unit. 

I paid the same for 11 oz of coffee that a pound cost not 4 months ago.  Have you been to the deli counter lately?  Since when is a Lb. of American Cheese $8.00?  Wasn’t it like 3 bucks not too long ago?  Well I guess to understand this you have to put in the ever rising cost of Gas and Oil.   At over $4 bucks a gallon, one could begin to see some need for a cost increase.  However both of these cost increases have major effects on the average working family.  When we look at our statements and understand where our money goes.  It is easy to see that it is all spent on such luxuries as food, gas, medications and Doctors visits.  I can’t help but wonder if the really rich even notice the increase, or are the just happy about it?  

It is a real stretch to try to have one parent at home now a day.  You know our children really are our future.  I believe that raising them is an investment in all of our futures.  Which brings me back to the cost of raising our families’ here in the new America.  We as tax payers give the oil companies’ LARGE subsidies’ to insure they have a future with profits and oil.  All the while they are holding most American families hostage by squeezing every last dollar, while getting every last drop of work out of the lucky few that still have a job.  I won’t even go into the fact that these companies don’t pay any Federal income tax like you and me. 

Perhaps now more than ever we have an opportunity to stop looking at life through such desperate eyes.  Even though many of us are a bit desperate, we are not alone.  Maybe one day soon we all as tax payers and neighbor’s’ will agree that companies like Exxon that have enjoyed record profits on the backs of the working and small business for far too long. They can no longer be given the peoples ‘money. It would seem to me they are doing very well thank you.  

 Now would be a wonderful time for working family subsidies. After all we are raising the next generation of American’s and what could be more patriotic than that?  I don’t want any of our children growing up in an America where they can expect 30% less opportunity then we all had.   When we all realize that were in the same boat, we can start rowing together.  Then we can go anywhere. 

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We are in this thing together

Hello Team Daddy, I hope you are well.  I have been really trying to do an excellent job taking care of my family and the result is this blog has suffered tremendously.  You know it’s really not easy.  Frankly I have a lot of respect for any single parent out there.  I myself have so very much to be grateful for. We have a beautiful healthy baby.  I am home full time with her, and even though we were pretty happy having duel income and no kids. (dinks)  Life at our home is much happier now with half the income and twice the love.

Back to having an even greater respect for those who do wonders with much less than I. Sometimes it is hard for us to be empathetic towards others because of our own complaints and personal drama.  But when you experience something remotely close, it clicks for you.  Don’t feel weird, that’s just the feeling of learning Bro.  Having a daughter has definitely softened my outlook and cooled my judgmental ways.

I think if we all experienced a little of someone else’s plight this world would be a little warmer of a place.  What ever happened to “it takes a village to raise a child”?  Well if you lived in our village, I don’t think you would want some of these people raising your child. Wow we really have evolved to a ME and MINE society.  Hey I can’t blame them.  If you’re not super wealthy, it takes all you have to keep things together now a day.  Why not admit that we all struggle sometimes and we all could use a little help now and then.  Just remember team Daddy. We are all in this thing together, and no one gets out alive. So do your best for your child’s future while you are here.  Help educate and try your best not to discipline. That goes for everyone, not just your little one.

 Listen if you haven’t figured it out, I still struggle with this new career of being a Dad.  It’s natural, so don’t go beating yourself up as I do at times when things don’t go according to plan.  If nothing else this blog should be an honest yet blurry eyed attempt at some true daddy journalism. So please don’t take this all as complaining, I just like telling on myself to the world. It is my intension that when you read all this, you will not feel alone and like a bad person.  But know that I promise to always be a partner in creating a better place for our children to grow up in.  If you see one of our other partners’ out there who look like the struggle is getting to them, why not lend them a hand.  It will come back to you and yours I promise.  Now that’s how you really take care of you and yours…by taking care of me and mine.   

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The Daddy Adjustment

Review of Summer Whirlpool Bath ,Spa and Shower.

Summer little luxuries whirlpool bubbling spa shower.  Pamper your baby from head to toe “new bubbling massage action”. 

The summer Whirlpool Bath spa shower may just be the biggest piece of junk I have ever been swindled into purchasing. Actually worse than that, we put it on our baby registry and a very loving relative put down hard earned money for this item. It’s easy to imagine why we had wanted it. Just look at the photo on the box. We thought as many others I imagine. “Of course we want our baby to have Jacuzzi”. I actually couldn’t wait for the moment we would turn the bubbles on and get to take in her expressions.  

By the end of day two of ignoring my wife’s request to try it out, we decided to give it “whirl” over the weekend…  

About a month back I recall my wife saying “honey let’s return this thing I think it’s going to be a piece of crap”. If my protective and romantic heart could have just listened to her. There are so many things wrong with this tub there are too many to list. Let’s just say my daughter would have had better use for $50 worth of scratch tickets than this thing.

 I think the very best part of this whirlpool bath was just before pulling it out of the box. I can still recall being excited about owning this for our baby. 30 seconds after removing the tub from the box all that excitement goes away. Frankly my grandmother’s old foot bath thing would have been better made than this. On a scale from fudge to fantastic I give it fudge minus.

 So, if you will enjoy the thought of giving your baby the experience of whirlpool bathing but don’t really want to enjoy the experience at all.  Then by all means waste your money on this Summer whirlpool bubbling spa and shower. 

Faithfully yours,

the Daddy adjustment