Our 1st overnight with our 11 month old

We took our first overnight trip with our 11 month old daughter to Boston. Luckily we have very close friends who have a great house right in Southie on Thomas Park. It is the place where George Washington himself fought  his very first battle.In the cold doldrums of March in the middle of the night he and his troops hauled 40 cannons to the top of this hill and when the British awoke it was good morning Boston! and welcome to a new world

Now Boston is beautiful modern but still Historic. With all of its European charm and deep local neighborhood roots South Boston is a neighborhood like no other

Bringing our daughter to the aquarium was really a great experience. Not having her sleep in her own bed however was not. Like George Washington’s first cold battle driven evening I could only pray for having such resolve. Our little girl was not pleased from the hours of 1 AM to 4:59 . It especially difficult for mommy as we were in Boston for her work. But in the end we learned a lot saw a lot and are now completely exhausted.  Just a quick post to share our experiences. Thanks for stopping and as always have fun the daddy adjustment

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  1. Knowing my American history…it is true that George Washington “fought his first battle” at this site..although…the way it is stated…is probably how the British felt!!

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