Hello and thank you for being interested in my Bio.  I live in western  Massachusetts    with my wife and daughter. At this time I find myself the modern stay at home dad.  It seems like every day there are more and more of us out there.  I successfully worked in the professional business world for over 20 years.  My first business was an audio advertising firm that wrote jingles and produced the recordings for broadcast.  After selling that business to my partner, I worked in the Material Handling industry selling forklifts and the like. I did very well in that business, but felt like I hit an earning celling.  I had an excellent reputation for sales and I was lucky enough to be offered a position at one of the area’s top commercial real-estate firms.  I had 4 very successful years and really enjoyed working in that field.  Unfortunately, the national market changed…banks weren’t lending and big players changed strategies and appetites.  I quickly accepted a management position in my old industry but the catch was it was two hours from our home.  After a year of the insane commute, I was laid off due to a slowing economy.

My wife and I have always been avid skiers.  We ski an average of 30 days a season. We love being outdoors and active…no matter what the season.  It’s super important in our lives.  We love to travel and enjoy trying new foods.  Eating and drinking have become two of my new favorites.   

I learned how to cook and the value of caring for my family from my grandmother, “Nonnie”. She effortlessly taught me the timeless lessons of how to be a friend, speak from the heart, and to cook with love.  Even though she is gone from this world, every day I still receive gifts from her one way or another.  I was the only one to receive her recipes written on index cards.  I admit that  I still smell them every time I pull one out of the folder.  It still smells like Nonnie. I can still hear her voice reading me the ingredients.  She taught me all of her little secret touches that made her dishes distinctively her own. Her love lives inside of me and now I am proud to pass that unconditional love to my family.  Even though she never got to meet my daughter, my daughter knows her love and it’s a part of her future.

Besides my grandmother, I have to give props to all my favorite celebrity chefs:  Gabriele Corcos and Debi Mazar from “Extra Virgin”, “Secrets of a Restaurant Chef” with Anne Burrell, and Alton Brown’s “Good Eats”.

These great chefs have inspired me to give this blog a try and have had a major contribution to my cooking education.  I truly am a product of the Cooking network and the Food Channel.  Thank you all for all the awesome lessons!!

  1. again….your gift with “the pen” excels….how sweet and endearing this was to read…nona

  2. Aww you still smell the cards when you pull one out! So sweet! I love the picture of you two on the mountain!

    • I cant tell you how honored I am that you are reading my blog, and that is what you choose to comment on. Being a caregiver now there isnt a day when I dont reflect on my grandmother’s gifts of family. You scored A+++ in the D.A. book!

  3. More stories about daddy-hood!!! I loved the story about taking fast corners and turning up the music when not with the baby. I think you should share that. It goes along with the baby On board.

  4. What part of Western Mass are you in? Are you also a Springfield parent? LOve you blog!

    • We live just west of the river. You and I know each other through spfld development. Here are 2 hints M.U.S.I.C. Commercial Realeastate. Ok one more matoon st. hehe Thanks so much for your comment! Great blog we have been checking on it for a while now!

  5. Hi there, really enjoy reading your blogs they always make me smile. I have been doing a post for the Versatile Blogger Award Nominations and have nominated you as a potential candidate. If you are interested in taking part you can see the details on this link:


  6. You’re right! We may well have been separated at birth. You don’t happen to hate the Yankees, do you?

    • I find it very hard not to hate the Yankees. My aunt drove from St Louis with FENWAY tags. It was at a Yankees’- Sox game that both her hood and trunk were keyed with a big X However I am doing my best to let the hate go… Some fans yell hooray others throw D batteies!

  7. Real nice. Damn Yankees fans.

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