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Staycation all I ever wanted

Greetings Team Daddy, 

Thanks for stopping by.  It has been a really busy since Fathers’ Day.  I have been settling into my new vocation quite well or so I though. I am a doer. Many times people have made fun of my “to do” list. Look I like to have “accomplishments’” every day it works for me.  To tell you the truth there is a pure gratification that comes with crossing a chore you’ve done off a list.  Ah simple pleasures. 

This year due to Baby and the fact that our income has been cut in half, we are Staycationing this summer.  Hooray after over a year of pretty much staying home we get to stay home for vacation.  An added bonus, we get to do all the yard word and organizing during that time.  Man this is going to be great!  Ok I’ll stop with the sarcasm, those of you not from New England may not find that at all funny but it was meant as a joke none the less. Having a way with sarcasm around here is something of a common ground.  Often comments are considered funny that in other parts of the country you get your face punched in for uttering such an insult.  It is an aliquant art form, one that takes a life time to master.  But only a moment to relish.  Since I am no taking off this year I thought I would share some shots from a trip my wife and I did a few summers ago.  We toured the BVI for a couple weeks and can’t wait to bring our daughter there, just beautiful.    

I digress, sorry Team Daddy.  The summer solstice is finally here and it is bringing on the heat in a major way.  It also marks 6 months for our daughter.  I can’t believe it has already been 6 months.  I am finally starting to realize what everyone has been saying with the ever present sentiment of “enjoy it, it goes by fast” You know what?  They were totally right. 

 It was in that sweltering heat that my daughters’ constant whines and cry’s from a nap missed that I had a personal breakdown.  It was strange because it lasted for about 5 seconds and only did minor damage. Not unlike the extremely rare earthquake we had last summer.  She had missed her nap because daddy had to go somewhere and was figgin pissed off and no I am not being sarcastic.  It was about 3 hours of nonstop whinning when while cleaning the toilet extremely unfavorable toilet water splashed down on my new Nike Airmax sneakers.  A brief brilliant flash of bright white light.  AAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!  Our entire home shook.  It was there and then alone with my own immaturity, or perhaps it was that last bit of the old selfish me.  Still holding on waiting for me to reconnect.  Like an anxious pal waiting by the lift on a powder day, that spirit only holds so long.  I thought ”I can’t ever let this happen again”.  What about myself do I have to learn to ensure this?      

The answer, yet another adjustment for Daddy.  I was forever focused on the chores and accomplishments I was unable to achieve in a day. My wife would come home to childish complaints from Daddy about stuff he didn’t get to do.  Not the best way to attract attention from the one who is out there working all day.  Now since that moment I have had nothing but delight and gratitude.  I focus on all of the positive I created for our world each day.  Sometimes that list is short. Something like taking our daughter for a walk to our “meditation spot”, or cooking dinner even cleaning the toilet.  All done in the name of appreciation and gratitude. 

Raising our children is important work it should to be taken with respect and understanding.  I often wonder if teachers made as much as doctors would we have more children reaching for higher goals?  Perhaps a result could be there would be more doctors.  More value could be given our teachers and anyone who actively enriches his or her community by way of sharing their common wealth of knowledge.

 So onward we go where many daddies’ have gone before.  A world where small accomplishments make measurable differences in a long life.  Letting go to that which now holds me back.  Embracing the challenges faced by a new man.  One who does for many and is proud of it.  This post is dedicated to those few that have and still are sharing their truth with me and allowing me to do the same.  Also my grandmother Nonnie who I miss every day.  Happy Birthday We love you!  Thank you for all your gifts shared. 

As always have Fun!

Your Friend Daddy Adjustment.

Father’s Day Fantasies’


 Hi Team Daddy, it’s only a day away from Father’s Day and I am super excited.  However as many of you already know this “adjustment” hasn’t all been entirely easy.  Our daughter is just about 6 months old which means I now operate well on 5 hours sleep.  If you are just entering fatherhood, don’t worry Bro you will stop hallucinating soon.  Just remember you paid pretty good money in your less mature days to feel like that. 

So today I want to talk about some of Daddy’s favorite things.  Yes an adult post is definitely needed for me.  Frankly some good adult time sounds kind of nice.  I am NOT talking about the conversations my wife and I have after our girl goes down for the night.  They always seem to drift back to the Baby.  Look I am not complaining, I love all of this but I am an outdoor action sport enthusiast. The past year has sucked for me in that category.  The closest thing I did in the past year is golf.  Now I love the sport and yes the adrenaline can pump as your ball gets close to the pin, but really it’s a pretty far cry from throwing myself off a small’ rock cliffs on my skis.  Ripping hard through fresh nar and disappearing into the white room. If you haven’t skied lots of Pow you won’t get that last part.  In the summer months here we have great white water kayaking after the damn release.  Motocross and 4×4 riding is also a wonderful way to get your heart pump fix on. 

 Unfortunately I no longer have a dirt bike.  I didn’t get to ski at all this year. I can feel lost without my centered sense of catharticism that for me is only attainable by risking my life for self-glory. Who I am as an athlete is fading fast.  This above all else is what fears me about this new Daddy Adjustment.    

I have begun to look for adrenaline in all the wrong places.  Taking unnecessary risks when I am by myself in the car.  I found myself trying to instigate some road ragging ass into a confrontation. “Whoa daddy you got to get a hold on yourself” So I take solace in my photos and videos from my past.  In what few friends I have left, and in cool ass movies such as “Dust to Glory” Straight up the best documentary on the incredible story that is the race the Baja 1000. If you’re a guy and you still have your man hood you will love this movie.  If you are a man and you watch it and you feel nothing? Things are worse than I thought.  Better watch that sucker again. This time go get a beer and turn up the volume on the TV.

 Ok that’s better I think I just herd some Daddy screams of joy.  That’s right yell and holler so your old self can hear you.  He is lost, beat up and bruised but not broken.  Your hollowing’s help him up and back to you safely nestled back in your over inflated ego where he belongs.  All of this testosterone talk makes me think of my favorite place on earth LAKE TAHAOE!  I don’t care if it’s to the north at Squaw or on the South shore this place is made for people who like life.  Everyone you meet who lives there are in love with their surroundings and it is easy to see why.  They all possess the spirit I love, the adventure spirit.  It’s not just for vacations’ it’s for life. 

 When someone asks you “what do you want for Father’s day?  Think hard about an adrenalin trip to Tahoe or to the Baja in November.  I know I will be day dreaming all I can till I feel my heart pump again.  Please send me what makes your heart pump. 

Thanks for stopping by and HAVE FUN!! Your friend Daddy Adjustment

Review of Summer Whirlpool Bath ,Spa and Shower.

Summer little luxuries whirlpool bubbling spa shower.  Pamper your baby from head to toe “new bubbling massage action”. 

The summer Whirlpool Bath spa shower may just be the biggest piece of junk I have ever been swindled into purchasing. Actually worse than that, we put it on our baby registry and a very loving relative put down hard earned money for this item. It’s easy to imagine why we had wanted it. Just look at the photo on the box. We thought as many others I imagine. “Of course we want our baby to have Jacuzzi”. I actually couldn’t wait for the moment we would turn the bubbles on and get to take in her expressions.  

By the end of day two of ignoring my wife’s request to try it out, we decided to give it “whirl” over the weekend…  

About a month back I recall my wife saying “honey let’s return this thing I think it’s going to be a piece of crap”. If my protective and romantic heart could have just listened to her. There are so many things wrong with this tub there are too many to list. Let’s just say my daughter would have had better use for $50 worth of scratch tickets than this thing.

 I think the very best part of this whirlpool bath was just before pulling it out of the box. I can still recall being excited about owning this for our baby. 30 seconds after removing the tub from the box all that excitement goes away. Frankly my grandmother’s old foot bath thing would have been better made than this. On a scale from fudge to fantastic I give it fudge minus.

 So, if you will enjoy the thought of giving your baby the experience of whirlpool bathing but don’t really want to enjoy the experience at all.  Then by all means waste your money on this Summer whirlpool bubbling spa and shower. 

Faithfully yours,

the Daddy adjustment

Watching “Up all night” and 5 AM

This photo was taken by my wife yesterday morning.  It is the first time I have posted a real pic of her.Given that she looks so darn cute here, I thought it was time to show you the little girl running my life now.  Which brings me to about 4 hours prior to this photo being captured, Sunday morning at 5:17AM. 

When will my baby know that it is Sunday?  “Sweetheart daddy’s love to sleep past 5:30 once a week” don’t you know this?  No she could care less.  Playing and having fun only to fall asleep again just about the time I finish the mornings coffee.  But when you wake up to this little girl, it’s easy really. 

Unless you spent your Saturday evening as we did watching all the episodes of Up all Night we have missed in the past month.  Again DVR’s rule for new parents.  See my story “hooray for my DVR”.  In fact how the heck did I watch TV before one.  Who has time for all those comercials anyway?  If you have never seen this show, and have recently become a parent watch this program.  Trust me you will laugh out loud!  My wife and I didn’t plan on staying up as late as we did. But beer and good times got the best of us.  By week’s end I find that I can really use a good laugh and this show never disappoints.  Just try to get to bed before 1 AM as 5 comes early on Sunday!

Prune juice & diaper review


Our daughter is going through her first experience of real constipation. For the last 3 of 6 days she has been very upset and in obvious pain.  2 nights ago we ended up in her Dr. office at 8PM sent home with a prescription of 1 Oz. of prune juice twice a day. Prune juice you say?  That’s the remedy for the Texas Chain Saw Massacre tummy screams ok.  We have only given her Mommies milk and formula to this point so the thought of her first real food experience being prune juice was less than thrilling for us. 

Will she go through life with an aversion to trying anything new?  Look I apologize if you love this stuff. I myself find it less than refreshing, and downright horrible.  Really when was the last time you heard anyone order a prune juice and vodka?  Or how about a nice prune juice ice cream cone on a steamy summer evening.  In fact unless your shopping at a store frequented by the over 70 crowd it’s kind of hard to find.  When you do find it, you realize it only comes in  a huge size, as if the makers know if they sold it in 12 oz bottles they would never sell it again to that consumer. 

What’s the deal with the prune juice rant?  It’s a nice leader into the next part of this story “diaper reviews”.  

Being that I am 40 years old and can’t remember the last time I crapped my own pants.  I didn’t feel like I had enough real life experience till now to comment.  Well there was that time in 6th grade when my Uncle Dave took me to our version to the state fair. The Big E. I rember going into the house of mirrors.  It was on a cool autumn evening that I made my own version of a wetness indicator in my new for school brown corduroy’s it is, hard to look cool and adult when the warmth of your own preteen urine has turned cold and raw.   Anyway I digress. 

We have tried to date.  Kirkland brand from Costco, the BJ’s equivalent, Huggies, and Pampers Swaddlers.  Here is my list from least to most favorite:

4. BJ’s

3. Kirkland

2. Huggies

1. Pampers Swaddlers* 

Image Detail

The BJ’s brand works adequately, but honestly our least favorite.  Kirkland does a better job.  However I have heard that they work best for babies with chunky legs, so they work well for our little girl.

A considerable step up is the Huggies brand.  They are more of a premium diaper and perform well even under the messiest of circumstances. You will however notice the price difference.  And then there are Pampers Swaddelers.  (que sunbeam breaking through clouds, and an audio of a heavenly sounding “AHHH”)  These by far are the best ones I have been able to find.  No wonder they give them away at hospitals.  Wasn’t there a commercial in the 80’s like that? “First give it to them for free, the ones that come back, start charging”. First off they have a wetness indicator that I lovingly refer to as the fruit stripe.  Second they have baby Sesame Street characters on the front. Not just to amuse mom and dad, but it helps tell the difference between the front and the back.. A quality that the BJ’s one did NOT have.  They are an excellent fit and haven’t let me down in the leak department.  In my experience they are the priciest of the bunch but well worth it. 

So if you told me back on that cool autumn evening at the fair.  One day I would be prying for a prune juice propelled poop. I would have wet my pants in anticipation.  Who knew the house of mirrors would end up being a looking glass into my future. 

Thanks for reading and as always “Have Fun!   


Oh My God are you kidding me? Honey you’re kidding me right?

I posted a photo a month ago or so titled “everything in our house is covered in baby” As you can clearly see this problem has gotten much worse. Like any disease this one is getting worse by the week.  And from what I am being told it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets any better.  Don’t get me wrong I LOVE our daughter and my ability to maneuver around our already small house is much more keen, now that every inch of floor space is filled it offers  a nice challenge.  Who would have thought that a little baby could have such an impact on a home!  Being 6’3 and 250lbs. I feel a bit like a bull in a china closet.

So if you’re sick of all that free time.  Clean and very adult home décor. Or just love the stuff out of baby crap swoon everywhere.  By all means have a baby, if not have one anyway, their worth every inch.  Truth be told, I like and use everything shown here, except the Boppy.  Back saving MamRoo, and the Bumbochair do “rock” in my opinion.  She looks so cute sitting in the chair, and it helps them build thier neck muscles!. 

Ok game time; see how many baby things that is in the photo.  I just gave you three.  The correct answer gets nothing except the glory of being right. It’s a lame prime prize but a prize just the same!  HoweverI may know some people that I swear that glory drives thier life.  My daugtuer has curred me of that as well. Enjoy Your Day!!!

100% Best Toys for the Children

During some pre baby days my wife and I were searching E Bay for funny gifts.   We came across this fan for .99 cents and pressed Buy it Now!  3 weeks later this gem of a “toy” entered our mailbox from China.  The absolute best part of this item was the packaging.  Please read both sides as it maybe some of the funniest copy I have ever read. “100%best Toys for the children” It’s a fan and clearly is not a good toy for little ones. By the way wearing this will make you look like the most ridiculous person in your area. 

Disclosure, By no way am I trying to make fun of any cultures here it’s just fun.

Do You MamaRoo?

Space Chair

My wife finally convinced me to pop on this crazy baby item known as the Mamaroo.  It’s by a company called 4 Moms.  Remember when I said our house is over run with baby, its spreading pretty much on a weekly basis.  Now we have of course, added to our growing inventory the new Mama roo too. 

OK this thing ended up being pretty darn cool.  First off my wife put the whole thing together while I took a nap. That was just the start to the wonderful bliss that has become the Mamaroo.   How does it work?  Awesome!  It has like 5 settings from car ride to ocean. Babies really like to be moving constantly.  And this thing achieves this type of motion without effort.  I can also attest that  my back dosent mind its constant presence in our living room.

Actually it is really neat.  Looks like a super space chair and has an I pod jack so we load it with her favorites, and she cruises nice and smooth.  Great for a nap time as the motion will most times rock her back to sleep without issues.  I almost felt guilty the first day or so as it worked so well it gave daday a couple nice breaks.  After this you will begine to wonder if they make one of these for adults.” I wanna rock all nice and chill to music in a space chair”.

 I thought I would do a post on it in helps to inform anyone else that may be on the fence on the purchase.  We are glad we bought ours.  and our daughter really does love it so thumbs up for the Mama Roo.  So yes we do MamaRoo. I do do do..

  Ok…I  just really wanted to put that pic up, sorry Honey….

Baby’s morning gifts

  Baby barf lottery any one?  A new game has emerged in our home in the last few days.  The rules are quite similar to one of my earlier post “diaper roulette”.   If you need to freshen up on the rules or ways to win see that post.  If you’re a gambling man, and I’m betting you are, Baby barf lottery might be for you.  Guess what? Doesn’t matter, you’re going to end playing at this game sooner or later.  Something to note winning #s come out way more often and winning and losing definitely takes place on a more frequent basis.  Frankly it is also much less predictable. Don’t get me wrong my wife and I are enjoying changing our little ones outfits so many times in a day that we run out of options. It seems as one of us always has milk and or puke on one or both of us.  My favorite so far was this morning. When while burping my beautiful daughter she was smiling at the time. Grabbed my tee shirt collar and happily barfed down the inside of my shirt.  MMMM… Nice warm milky chunks.   Thank you sweetheart!  Oh is it draining down to my sweat pants and underwear?  Yeah it is, nice.  Like peeing in your snow pants it keeps you warm for a short while.  P.S. I also laugh a bit when I hear my wife loses,   I can’t help it.

Just a quick post for the morning crowd.  Thanks to all for checking in!  

Next is a great recipe for butternut squash soup that is really easy to make.  One could also make as a baby food.  Good and wholesome.

To Baby on Board or not to..That is my question

For years I made fun of these” baby on board” signs.  As far as I was concerned they were pretty lame. Worst of all the people who had these ridiculous things hanging on their cars drove like they were 90 plus years old. Frankly put they annoyed me.

 Now I am the one driving as if I was transporting plutonium. Having my daughter along for a ride, I’m on high alert. “Don’t people understand I have a baby in the car”! Wait a minute …Do I need one of those informative “baby on Board” signs?

So this is my dilemma. Please help me deiced whether to have a baby sign or not to have a baby sign on our car. When you see one on a car do you change how you are driving? Does it even matter at all? I am very interested to know. Please post your feedback or comments and I will let you all decide if I hang one of these things up or not. I promise a pic of the final deal not matter how it turns out! Have fun!