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Watching “Up all night” and 5 AM

This photo was taken by my wife yesterday morning.  It is the first time I have posted a real pic of her.Given that she looks so darn cute here, I thought it was time to show you the little girl running my life now.  Which brings me to about 4 hours prior to this photo being captured, Sunday morning at 5:17AM. 

When will my baby know that it is Sunday?  “Sweetheart daddy’s love to sleep past 5:30 once a week” don’t you know this?  No she could care less.  Playing and having fun only to fall asleep again just about the time I finish the mornings coffee.  But when you wake up to this little girl, it’s easy really. 

Unless you spent your Saturday evening as we did watching all the episodes of Up all Night we have missed in the past month.  Again DVR’s rule for new parents.  See my story “hooray for my DVR”.  In fact how the heck did I watch TV before one.  Who has time for all those comercials anyway?  If you have never seen this show, and have recently become a parent watch this program.  Trust me you will laugh out loud!  My wife and I didn’t plan on staying up as late as we did. But beer and good times got the best of us.  By week’s end I find that I can really use a good laugh and this show never disappoints.  Just try to get to bed before 1 AM as 5 comes early on Sunday!

Hooray for my DVR

I haveen’t posted in a couple days because our little girl had to get her first round of vaccinations.  Those of you who have been thru it know it can be a heart breaking experience. I had a fleeting moment when I thought, grasp her and run out the door.  “You’re not going to do that to my baby”!  Luckily cooler heads prevailed and she did pretty well considering.  We both did our best to comfort her.  Because of this I haven’t felt very funny.  My daughter was a little cranky and not feeling her happy self.

 This brings me to my new affection for our DVR.  Wow if you’re going to have a baby and like watching TV, you will like to have one of these.  When my daughter is screaming I can’t hear myself think let alone the television.

Perhaps the government would be interested in using a recording of her voice to break up those protesters I see on TV.  A half hour program with baby takes 1 hour. A movie? 2 days. But at least you get to see your show through. 

 Anyway our daughters is feeling better and now so are we!