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The whole story part 2

Someone who I admire a great deal sent me a couple of insightful yet encouraging emails.

He shared how we have absolutely no idea what it must be like for a woman to carry our child for 9-10 months inside her, then be with 24-7, breastfeeding and taking care.  Than having to leave and go off to work.  A job that I should be doing.  He also said “it is difficult to understand, or estimate the power of the instinct of a man to provide for his family”.  To be a “ROCK”.  “Bro don’t worry I have never stopped”.  And that’s why I have been absent from this blog. I have been trying to keep this whole thing together with dumb looks, silly songs and pretty crumby dinners as of late. 

So when your wife borderline despises you for making her go off to work, just be that rock of love.

Truthfully this is not what I had planned out for myself during my 20’s and 30’s.  This has been a difficult time; frankly I haven’t felt all that funny or even good about myself.  In fact there isn’t much I wouldn’t do to change things for her.  I would pull every tooth out of my head with a pair of vice grips, using nothing but a 6 pack and 4 Advil’s as pain killer.  If I could trade places with her right now…  Ok that’s kind a funny because she is a white collar girl and I just had a vision of me with my freshly done oral surgery all dressed up in a suit in her office.

 So big picture we are doing fine, and a lot better than most.  No Fox News did not do a story, but if they did they would been 100%  right for a change.    We have so much to be grateful for.

Thanks to all for your support, and thanks to whoever put up that kitty poster in grade school.

You’re Friend

 The Daddy Adjustment

Warning this next post is to be read by dads ONLY.

Now that your wife is pregnant your wife is forever changed. That awesome partner that was into everything you were, is now been eaten by a soon to be momzilla. Prepare yourself for every waking conversation to be about babies. And god forbid; do not bring up golfing with your buddies or any other activity that contains beer and non-baby fun. This will do nothing but annoy her. Worst of all this opens the door for the “Honey do list”. Or as I began to look at it the “Nag list” You know, the list of things that she is keeping in her head of all the things you should be doing to prepare for the babies arrival.

 The coup de grass of this IS the baby’s room. Painting it, and all the other things that will need to be done. All the other things? What other things? Just go ask your wife you’ll see she knows. On this don’t make a habit of bringing home a swatch book or something like a Benjamin More children’s room paint catalog. Sure as the stuff you change every day in your baby’s diaper, you will be tasked in recreating every last detail in her favorite one. This is exactly what happened to me. After 4 days including a fairly beer induced afternoon with my father in law, we hired a professional.

One last thing before I go make a bottle. READ the baby book! You know the book she is always talking about. For me it sounded something like this. “If you just read the book you would know what I’m talking about”. Trust me you don’t what to hear this play for the next 7 months. I waited till the last month to read it. I could think of 50 things I would rather do, but it was an easy read and I did learn quite a bit on what to expect. When we did finally go to the hospital, I was happy I did read the thing. As I knew a little about what was going on and what to expect. I hate it when she’s right…