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Oh My God are you kidding me? Honey you’re kidding me right?

I posted a photo a month ago or so titled “everything in our house is covered in baby” As you can clearly see this problem has gotten much worse. Like any disease this one is getting worse by the week.  And from what I am being told it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets any better.  Don’t get me wrong I LOVE our daughter and my ability to maneuver around our already small house is much more keen, now that every inch of floor space is filled it offers  a nice challenge.  Who would have thought that a little baby could have such an impact on a home!  Being 6’3 and 250lbs. I feel a bit like a bull in a china closet.

So if you’re sick of all that free time.  Clean and very adult home décor. Or just love the stuff out of baby crap swoon everywhere.  By all means have a baby, if not have one anyway, their worth every inch.  Truth be told, I like and use everything shown here, except the Boppy.  Back saving MamRoo, and the Bumbochair do “rock” in my opinion.  She looks so cute sitting in the chair, and it helps them build thier neck muscles!. 

Ok game time; see how many baby things that is in the photo.  I just gave you three.  The correct answer gets nothing except the glory of being right. It’s a lame prime prize but a prize just the same!  HoweverI may know some people that I swear that glory drives thier life.  My daugtuer has curred me of that as well. Enjoy Your Day!!!

Do You MamaRoo?

Space Chair

My wife finally convinced me to pop on this crazy baby item known as the Mamaroo.  It’s by a company called 4 Moms.  Remember when I said our house is over run with baby, its spreading pretty much on a weekly basis.  Now we have of course, added to our growing inventory the new Mama roo too. 

OK this thing ended up being pretty darn cool.  First off my wife put the whole thing together while I took a nap. That was just the start to the wonderful bliss that has become the Mamaroo.   How does it work?  Awesome!  It has like 5 settings from car ride to ocean. Babies really like to be moving constantly.  And this thing achieves this type of motion without effort.  I can also attest that  my back dosent mind its constant presence in our living room.

Actually it is really neat.  Looks like a super space chair and has an I pod jack so we load it with her favorites, and she cruises nice and smooth.  Great for a nap time as the motion will most times rock her back to sleep without issues.  I almost felt guilty the first day or so as it worked so well it gave daday a couple nice breaks.  After this you will begine to wonder if they make one of these for adults.” I wanna rock all nice and chill to music in a space chair”.

 I thought I would do a post on it in helps to inform anyone else that may be on the fence on the purchase.  We are glad we bought ours.  and our daughter really does love it so thumbs up for the Mama Roo.  So yes we do MamaRoo. I do do do..

  Ok…I  just really wanted to put that pic up, sorry Honey….