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Watching “Up all night” and 5 AM

This photo was taken by my wife yesterday morning.  It is the first time I have posted a real pic of her.Given that she looks so darn cute here, I thought it was time to show you the little girl running my life now.  Which brings me to about 4 hours prior to this photo being captured, Sunday morning at 5:17AM. 

When will my baby know that it is Sunday?  “Sweetheart daddy’s love to sleep past 5:30 once a week” don’t you know this?  No she could care less.  Playing and having fun only to fall asleep again just about the time I finish the mornings coffee.  But when you wake up to this little girl, it’s easy really. 

Unless you spent your Saturday evening as we did watching all the episodes of Up all Night we have missed in the past month.  Again DVR’s rule for new parents.  See my story “hooray for my DVR”.  In fact how the heck did I watch TV before one.  Who has time for all those comercials anyway?  If you have never seen this show, and have recently become a parent watch this program.  Trust me you will laugh out loud!  My wife and I didn’t plan on staying up as late as we did. But beer and good times got the best of us.  By week’s end I find that I can really use a good laugh and this show never disappoints.  Just try to get to bed before 1 AM as 5 comes early on Sunday!

Baby’s morning gifts

  Baby barf lottery any one?  A new game has emerged in our home in the last few days.  The rules are quite similar to one of my earlier post “diaper roulette”.   If you need to freshen up on the rules or ways to win see that post.  If you’re a gambling man, and I’m betting you are, Baby barf lottery might be for you.  Guess what? Doesn’t matter, you’re going to end playing at this game sooner or later.  Something to note winning #s come out way more often and winning and losing definitely takes place on a more frequent basis.  Frankly it is also much less predictable. Don’t get me wrong my wife and I are enjoying changing our little ones outfits so many times in a day that we run out of options. It seems as one of us always has milk and or puke on one or both of us.  My favorite so far was this morning. When while burping my beautiful daughter she was smiling at the time. Grabbed my tee shirt collar and happily barfed down the inside of my shirt.  MMMM… Nice warm milky chunks.   Thank you sweetheart!  Oh is it draining down to my sweat pants and underwear?  Yeah it is, nice.  Like peeing in your snow pants it keeps you warm for a short while.  P.S. I also laugh a bit when I hear my wife loses,   I can’t help it.

Just a quick post for the morning crowd.  Thanks to all for checking in!  

Next is a great recipe for butternut squash soup that is really easy to make.  One could also make as a baby food.  Good and wholesome.