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Father’s Day Fantasies’


 Hi Team Daddy, it’s only a day away from Father’s Day and I am super excited.  However as many of you already know this “adjustment” hasn’t all been entirely easy.  Our daughter is just about 6 months old which means I now operate well on 5 hours sleep.  If you are just entering fatherhood, don’t worry Bro you will stop hallucinating soon.  Just remember you paid pretty good money in your less mature days to feel like that. 

So today I want to talk about some of Daddy’s favorite things.  Yes an adult post is definitely needed for me.  Frankly some good adult time sounds kind of nice.  I am NOT talking about the conversations my wife and I have after our girl goes down for the night.  They always seem to drift back to the Baby.  Look I am not complaining, I love all of this but I am an outdoor action sport enthusiast. The past year has sucked for me in that category.  The closest thing I did in the past year is golf.  Now I love the sport and yes the adrenaline can pump as your ball gets close to the pin, but really it’s a pretty far cry from throwing myself off a small’ rock cliffs on my skis.  Ripping hard through fresh nar and disappearing into the white room. If you haven’t skied lots of Pow you won’t get that last part.  In the summer months here we have great white water kayaking after the damn release.  Motocross and 4×4 riding is also a wonderful way to get your heart pump fix on. 

 Unfortunately I no longer have a dirt bike.  I didn’t get to ski at all this year. I can feel lost without my centered sense of catharticism that for me is only attainable by risking my life for self-glory. Who I am as an athlete is fading fast.  This above all else is what fears me about this new Daddy Adjustment.    

I have begun to look for adrenaline in all the wrong places.  Taking unnecessary risks when I am by myself in the car.  I found myself trying to instigate some road ragging ass into a confrontation. “Whoa daddy you got to get a hold on yourself” So I take solace in my photos and videos from my past.  In what few friends I have left, and in cool ass movies such as “Dust to Glory” Straight up the best documentary on the incredible story that is the race the Baja 1000. If you’re a guy and you still have your man hood you will love this movie.  If you are a man and you watch it and you feel nothing? Things are worse than I thought.  Better watch that sucker again. This time go get a beer and turn up the volume on the TV.

 Ok that’s better I think I just herd some Daddy screams of joy.  That’s right yell and holler so your old self can hear you.  He is lost, beat up and bruised but not broken.  Your hollowing’s help him up and back to you safely nestled back in your over inflated ego where he belongs.  All of this testosterone talk makes me think of my favorite place on earth LAKE TAHAOE!  I don’t care if it’s to the north at Squaw or on the South shore this place is made for people who like life.  Everyone you meet who lives there are in love with their surroundings and it is easy to see why.  They all possess the spirit I love, the adventure spirit.  It’s not just for vacations’ it’s for life. 

 When someone asks you “what do you want for Father’s day?  Think hard about an adrenalin trip to Tahoe or to the Baja in November.  I know I will be day dreaming all I can till I feel my heart pump again.  Please send me what makes your heart pump. 

Thanks for stopping by and HAVE FUN!! Your friend Daddy Adjustment

We are in this thing together

Hello Team Daddy, I hope you are well.  I have been really trying to do an excellent job taking care of my family and the result is this blog has suffered tremendously.  You know it’s really not easy.  Frankly I have a lot of respect for any single parent out there.  I myself have so very much to be grateful for. We have a beautiful healthy baby.  I am home full time with her, and even though we were pretty happy having duel income and no kids. (dinks)  Life at our home is much happier now with half the income and twice the love.

Back to having an even greater respect for those who do wonders with much less than I. Sometimes it is hard for us to be empathetic towards others because of our own complaints and personal drama.  But when you experience something remotely close, it clicks for you.  Don’t feel weird, that’s just the feeling of learning Bro.  Having a daughter has definitely softened my outlook and cooled my judgmental ways.

I think if we all experienced a little of someone else’s plight this world would be a little warmer of a place.  What ever happened to “it takes a village to raise a child”?  Well if you lived in our village, I don’t think you would want some of these people raising your child. Wow we really have evolved to a ME and MINE society.  Hey I can’t blame them.  If you’re not super wealthy, it takes all you have to keep things together now a day.  Why not admit that we all struggle sometimes and we all could use a little help now and then.  Just remember team Daddy. We are all in this thing together, and no one gets out alive. So do your best for your child’s future while you are here.  Help educate and try your best not to discipline. That goes for everyone, not just your little one.

 Listen if you haven’t figured it out, I still struggle with this new career of being a Dad.  It’s natural, so don’t go beating yourself up as I do at times when things don’t go according to plan.  If nothing else this blog should be an honest yet blurry eyed attempt at some true daddy journalism. So please don’t take this all as complaining, I just like telling on myself to the world. It is my intension that when you read all this, you will not feel alone and like a bad person.  But know that I promise to always be a partner in creating a better place for our children to grow up in.  If you see one of our other partners’ out there who look like the struggle is getting to them, why not lend them a hand.  It will come back to you and yours I promise.  Now that’s how you really take care of you and yours…by taking care of me and mine.   

Thanks for stopping by and have Fun!

The Daddy Adjustment

Spring to summer in no time flat

 It’s April 22nd and it’s full on spring here in southern New England.  Frankly it might as well be summer.  Last week we had a week of 95 degrees plus.  Now everything in my yard is blooming.  We have lilacs that usually don’t bloom till the end of May in full bloom.  We have maple trees that have full dark green leaves.  To look at it you would swear it was mid-June on my street.   Come to think of it we have had the strangest weather in the months my wife was carrying our unborn baby.

 First was the crazy tornado that hit our area pretty hard on June 1st.  It completely devastated parts of our state.  Then there was the Hurricane, which admittedly was not that bad for us.  However our neighbor’s to the north were not as lucky.   The mountain mudslides turned roads and bridges to nothing but mere rubble.   Whole towns cut away from the rest of the world, forced to fend and care for themselves.

 Then we had an earthquake, an earthquake in New England!  We do have them from time to time but they are small.  My friend from LA laughed at me when I told him we had an earthquake.  It was a 5 on the scale and to him, that didn’t count.  I could understand it was more fun than scary.

 Then the storm that had the most impact on us the October surprise blizzard which knocked out power for us for a week. No gas, no heat, no fun with a pregnant wife.  Don’t worry, the Daddy to be moved quickly into action on day 2 had a generator with fuel running by night fall.  We were just fine.

 Which brings me back to these lilacs blooming without concern of date.  They seem ignorant to the fact they have been permanently scared by the storm. They grow with a bent over style that contains so much vigor I can hardly believe it.  I guess things change, and life moves on regardless of the circumstances.   We are all stronger than we think.  When you feel overwhelmed and it feels like” this moment will last forever”.  Just relax, as nature teaches us we just have to wait a little while.

Oh My God are you kidding me? Honey you’re kidding me right?

I posted a photo a month ago or so titled “everything in our house is covered in baby” As you can clearly see this problem has gotten much worse. Like any disease this one is getting worse by the week.  And from what I am being told it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets any better.  Don’t get me wrong I LOVE our daughter and my ability to maneuver around our already small house is much more keen, now that every inch of floor space is filled it offers  a nice challenge.  Who would have thought that a little baby could have such an impact on a home!  Being 6’3 and 250lbs. I feel a bit like a bull in a china closet.

So if you’re sick of all that free time.  Clean and very adult home décor. Or just love the stuff out of baby crap swoon everywhere.  By all means have a baby, if not have one anyway, their worth every inch.  Truth be told, I like and use everything shown here, except the Boppy.  Back saving MamRoo, and the Bumbochair do “rock” in my opinion.  She looks so cute sitting in the chair, and it helps them build thier neck muscles!. 

Ok game time; see how many baby things that is in the photo.  I just gave you three.  The correct answer gets nothing except the glory of being right. It’s a lame prime prize but a prize just the same!  HoweverI may know some people that I swear that glory drives thier life.  My daugtuer has curred me of that as well. Enjoy Your Day!!!

To Baby on Board or not to..That is my question

For years I made fun of these” baby on board” signs.  As far as I was concerned they were pretty lame. Worst of all the people who had these ridiculous things hanging on their cars drove like they were 90 plus years old. Frankly put they annoyed me.

 Now I am the one driving as if I was transporting plutonium. Having my daughter along for a ride, I’m on high alert. “Don’t people understand I have a baby in the car”! Wait a minute …Do I need one of those informative “baby on Board” signs?

So this is my dilemma. Please help me deiced whether to have a baby sign or not to have a baby sign on our car. When you see one on a car do you change how you are driving? Does it even matter at all? I am very interested to know. Please post your feedback or comments and I will let you all decide if I hang one of these things up or not. I promise a pic of the final deal not matter how it turns out! Have fun!

Warning this next post is to be read by dads ONLY.

Now that your wife is pregnant your wife is forever changed. That awesome partner that was into everything you were, is now been eaten by a soon to be momzilla. Prepare yourself for every waking conversation to be about babies. And god forbid; do not bring up golfing with your buddies or any other activity that contains beer and non-baby fun. This will do nothing but annoy her. Worst of all this opens the door for the “Honey do list”. Or as I began to look at it the “Nag list” You know, the list of things that she is keeping in her head of all the things you should be doing to prepare for the babies arrival.

 The coup de grass of this IS the baby’s room. Painting it, and all the other things that will need to be done. All the other things? What other things? Just go ask your wife you’ll see she knows. On this don’t make a habit of bringing home a swatch book or something like a Benjamin More children’s room paint catalog. Sure as the stuff you change every day in your baby’s diaper, you will be tasked in recreating every last detail in her favorite one. This is exactly what happened to me. After 4 days including a fairly beer induced afternoon with my father in law, we hired a professional.

One last thing before I go make a bottle. READ the baby book! You know the book she is always talking about. For me it sounded something like this. “If you just read the book you would know what I’m talking about”. Trust me you don’t what to hear this play for the next 7 months. I waited till the last month to read it. I could think of 50 things I would rather do, but it was an easy read and I did learn quite a bit on what to expect. When we did finally go to the hospital, I was happy I did read the thing. As I knew a little about what was going on and what to expect. I hate it when she’s right…