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To sell baby stuff or not to sell baby stuff, who knew it was such a big decision.

Well we are at 8 months and our daughter is now growing out of most things that we have relied on for her whole life.  Hehe whole life, things like the “Rock and Play” the “Bumbo” My wife stopped breast feeding so that $300 Medela travel pump could go.  How about the 4Moms Momma Roo?  It was totally awesome but wow that was fast.  She got to use it for 6 months and it’s still like new.  So now what? 

My buddy just called and told me his family was growing by one and couldn’t help feeling really excited for him.  “Congratulations’ Bro you’re an animal” So do we want to have another baby?  Or can I sell this stuff on E-Bay and reclaim parts of my house that resemble a reality show called The Baby Clutter Freaks.  Did I mentation that when the conversation begins to lean towards not having another baby I am faced with winning the booby prize of a vasectomy.  Now I know everyone says it’s the equivalent of drive through surgery.  But in the words of Tony Soprano “why do you want to mess with god’s creation down there”?  To be honest God has nothing to do with it just a pure natural fear of knives cutting my balls that’s all.   So as you can see there is a much larger question and why do all decisions now that we are parents seem so serious?  I went from wanting to sell the Mamma Roo to spending the better part of my weekend sitting on frozen peas with no hopes of procreating again.  So I guess it’s something to consider. 

I have updated my E Bay account taken some sweet pics and now nothing… Why am I hanging on to this?  Have any of you had the experience of turning into a blubbering fool while watching some commercial featuring a father and child. In the past I have written that  having a daughter has softened me for sure.  Frankly it was long over do so I am not complaining, but as my blog name suggests it is has been and still continues to be an “adjustment” I welcome any advice from those who have gone through this and are now on the other side.  Please just keep mind when it comes to children I’ve become a six foot three two hundred and 40 lb. marshmallow.  Thanks for stopping by and HAVE FUN!!


Oh My God are you kidding me? Honey you’re kidding me right?

I posted a photo a month ago or so titled “everything in our house is covered in baby” As you can clearly see this problem has gotten much worse. Like any disease this one is getting worse by the week.  And from what I am being told it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets any better.  Don’t get me wrong I LOVE our daughter and my ability to maneuver around our already small house is much more keen, now that every inch of floor space is filled it offers  a nice challenge.  Who would have thought that a little baby could have such an impact on a home!  Being 6’3 and 250lbs. I feel a bit like a bull in a china closet.

So if you’re sick of all that free time.  Clean and very adult home décor. Or just love the stuff out of baby crap swoon everywhere.  By all means have a baby, if not have one anyway, their worth every inch.  Truth be told, I like and use everything shown here, except the Boppy.  Back saving MamRoo, and the Bumbochair do “rock” in my opinion.  She looks so cute sitting in the chair, and it helps them build thier neck muscles!. 

Ok game time; see how many baby things that is in the photo.  I just gave you three.  The correct answer gets nothing except the glory of being right. It’s a lame prime prize but a prize just the same!  HoweverI may know some people that I swear that glory drives thier life.  My daugtuer has curred me of that as well. Enjoy Your Day!!!