Well it’s been a real long time team daddy but I’m coming back. My wife ended up having to have surgery and definitely put me out the blogging game for a couple of months. Now she’s back to work and daddy’s got a new load. Our daughter since then has now skipped a nap and she is pretty much mobile. Cooking dinner doing thingslike playing with my new iPhone are all impossible if she is awake and I am alone. It’s kind of crazy how fast everything has come together it really just seems like a long time ago an a galaxy far way when my wife was giant pregnant and I was getting ready to cook my first Thanksgiving turkey. jump to hyperspace,now I make number two with an audience of an 11 month old and have to play games through the whole thing.  Yup it’s a whole new world. Speaking of a whole new world did you hear that George Lucas sold Star Wars to Disney! that news got me thinking after all star wars and it’s lessons shaped my values in life. Even though I never did become a Jedi I do sometimes feel like one when I’m on skis or in nature. I sometimes get concerned that I will have lost my clairvoyant abilities as they are so rusty they probably wouldn’t even move. Waote what would Yoda say? I know that fear leads to anger anger leads to suffering thanks Yoda.  I will teach my daughter how to ski and yes she will be on skis this year at 15 months. There is no try there is only do.
My wife also got me an iPhone so we can FaceTime while she’s at work I really didn’t realize how great that was really going to be. It’s also help me understand why my wife won’t put the phone down when the baby is sleeping. Now that I understand how to use the camera and this thing called Instagram.  I’m a complete insta junkie.  Who knew that anyone could look so talented with such ease.  truth be told I have been really enjoying my new phone so thanks Honey !  What does the next episode hold for me?  I dont know but im sure it will be interesting.  Just a quick post to try to use the force and get back into the practice of blogging.

Thanks for stopping and have FUN !

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I am the worlds leading expert on myself.

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  1. the Force is with YOU and its strong…welcome back Jedi

  2. I just left a really long comment & it disappeared! Love this post! 🙂

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